What's your assignment?

What's your assignment?

With the all of the buzz about being an entrepreneur on social media and living our “best life” I have found myself spending more time than I would like to admit trying to figure out what I love to do so much that I would be willing to leave my full-time career for. I know that I am a major extrovert and love to interact with people daily. I have to ask myself, “who says that I have to choose the between the daily grind of entrepreneurship or corporate?” For as long as I can remember, I have been a person who tells anyone who I cross paths with not to limit themselves to one option and that with hardwork and a well organized plan they can accomplish more than they could have ever imagined!

There are various things that I enjoy in my full-time career as a Director, like the opportunity that I have each day to positively uplift a patient’s family member in the hallway as they are visiting a loved one, to encourage my support services staff that they are making a difference, and to use my creative skills to solve problems and improve processes. I love that no day is the same and that each day has a whole new set of obstacles.

The part that I enjoy the most is when I am approached by someone who has been watching me from the sidelines or is referred by someone else to be mentored. I immediately set-up a meeting with them to better understand their objectives and to see if I think that we will be a good fit for each other. I make sure that they understand that as a mentor, I require full transperancy and they have to be ready to do homework in between our meetings. In exchange, I promise them that they will begin to see their lives transform both personally and professionally! This is where I feel my professional career and personal assignment align. Everytime one of my mentees contact me about the elevation occurring in their lives, I get this euphoric feeling that I cannot explain!

Over time I have learned not to get caught up comparing myself to what others are doing on social media, because I know that we all have a different assignment that is specific to our gifts, talents, and experiences. Each day as I arrive to work just before I get out of my car, I pray that God allows me to positively impact those who I cross paths with and each day that prayer is fulfilled. So, instead of wrecking your brain over if you should work for yourself or someone else ask yourself if you are serving in your assignment and if not then find a way to do so. It is the only way that you will truly be fulfilled.

Be Diligent!