Who Run This Mother?

Who Run This Mother?

I know that the term "boss" has become rather popular on social media over the last few years, however I am truly a boss by definition...


1. a person in charge of a worker or organization.

synonyms: head, chief, director, president, principal, chief executive, chair, manager

I have a background that consists of Human Resources Management, Supply Chain Management, and Hospital Operations. I have literally grown up in the healthcare industry, seeing that I started this journey at the age of 17 years old. 18 years later I continue to find ways to grow and develop in this industry that at some point touches all of our lives. I currently have over 100 employees that directly report to me and I have built unique relationships with each of them. I do not take my role in leadership lightly, daily I thank God for the opportunity to be a positive influence to my team and others who I cross paths with each day. Helping others blossom into the best version of themselves makes me smile, yet the process of helping them realize that they have so much more to them than what they currently know or desire can sometimes be a bit more challenging.

Although I enjoy my career, every day is not rose'...