Happy Wife Happy Life

Happy Wife Happy Life

I officially became a wife on September 3, 2011 and it was a life changing day for sure. The first year of our marriage my husband lived in Oklahoma where he served in the military and I lived in Texas, however it was not as bad as you would think. During the week we focused on our careers and each weekend it was like a mini honeymoon! The next 6 years of our marriage we have resided in Texas together and that is where the true fun began. Prior to being married I thought that the saying "happy wife happy wife" meant that as long as a husband always agreed with his wife then everything would be nice. Girl was I wrong!

We have now been married for almost 7 years and I finally realize that marriage is full of twists and turns that has forced me to grow beyond measure. Marriage has made me realize that "happy wife happy life" means that throughout the twists and turns, we as wives must continue to work to find our own happy place. Then, share that with our husband and family so that they can support us in this.

My happy place is when I can have uninterrupted blocks of time to read (via audible of course, I have an hour long commute to work), have a nice glass of wine while assiting my husband in preparing dinner for our family, to have time with my girlfriends (who actually understand my logic), and to have time to blog and express myself in writing when I cannot find the words to say verbally. As I am watched an old episode of one of my favorites, "Sex In The City", I was reminded of what compromises we make as wives for the greater good of our family. It is the episode where Miranda realizes that her family has out grown Manhattan (her favorite place in NY!) and travel outside of her comfort zone to find a place more suitable in Brooklyn. 

The key is to never compromise your happiness, because as the Chief Operating Officer of your family life is only as good as you are!