Open for Business

Open for Business

Over the last few weeks I had found myself beginning to get anxious with some of the things going on at work. I knew that when I accepted this position 2.5 years ago, that I would get very close to maxing out on my salary within 3 years. However, I knew that I wanted the experience and also that in the company in which I work it is very important to take the necessary career steps...manager, director, vice president, and then president. Therefore, I knew that I needed the experience and accompanying title of Director to continue on my career journey to the C-Suite. 

When I began this position the departments that I was assigned were not in the best operational condition, therefore I took time to learn the current state and then set my goals for things that I wanted to improve within 3 years in order to be opperationally efficient. Now that I am about 6 months away from the 3 years mark, I have accomplished most of those goals and am definitely on target to reach them all by January 2019. This has began to make me question what is next? I am not unhappy in my current role, however I am a person that likes to consistently be challenged. In my last few roles, I have been hired to be what I would call the "Olivia Pope" (for all of my Gladiators out there) of operational efficiency in healthcare. With my background in Human Resources, I have a skillset for connecting with people and this allows me to positively influence change that results in a win-win for the people and departments in which I serve. Therefore, when it is time to make changes in the way they do things they do not mind helping because they know that it will be a win for them as well. Once these changes have taken place, the end result will be a more engaged workforce and a more efficiently running department.

As I began to pray about it, God gave me the clarity I needed. He reminded me that when the right opportunity presents itself, I just need to be open to it. In the meantime, I am to continue to execute my goals and position myself to be the best candidate. After shifting my focus and allowing myself to be open, I immediately starting seeing exciting things begin to happen. As I was leaving a meeting one day, one of our female excutives briefly whispered to me to call her when I had some time later that day. This individual is someone who I had previously articulated my long-term career goals to and knows that I value their feedback tremendously. When I returned to my office, I called her and she planted the seed in my ear about some up coming opportunities that she wanted me to keep my eye out for and that she had already endorsed me for to the appropriate higher ups. She told me to make sure that my resume' is up to date and be ready to apply when the time comes. Then, this past week a few of us were chatting after a meeting and I was told by a collegue that he had been involved in a meeting at our corporate office where my name was mentioned in a positive light about some upcoming projects.

What I learned is that there is no need to get anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed about what is next in life or business. We must continue to work on ourselves while in preparation mode, yet remain open to the opportunities that are in alignment with our vision.


Here are some helpful tips for preparation mode:

1. Identify what the next level role looks like for you and be able to articulate it.

2. Acquire the necessary experience through work and volunteer opportunities to qualify yourself for the role.

3. Network to gain mentors and sponsors who have the leverage and experience to assist you in getting there.

4. Communicate to the right people when you are open and ready to welcome new opportunities.


Is there something in your life that you want to acquire? A goal that you want to attain? Are you prepared to receive it? Does the right people know that you are open? If not, then you have some work to do and the right opportunity will present itself to you!

Be diligent!