Maintenance Is A Must

Maintenance Is A Must

This past month, I have been super busy at work and with our youngest son who just started T-ball. My husband planned couple's pedicures for us for Mother's day, which I really enjoyed! However, beyond that I realize that I have not put much into my self-care bucket in awhile. I was listening to a podcast recently where they discussed health and wellness and reminded me of why self-care is so important. As I was doing my Sunday morning grocery shopping and listening to the podcast, I found myself choosing healthier options. I bought water and fruit to flavor it with versus all of the sugary drink options that were on sale of course. As I thought about meal ideas for the week, I tried to incorporate more veggies and fish to grill or bake. 

I know that I feel the best when I am eating healthy and consistently working out, however I have allowed these things to take the back seat to convenience. With an hour long commute to work, I rise at 4:30am (hitting snooze until 5am) and do not normally make it home until about 6pm. By the time that I get home, I am tired and sluggish and end up going for the most timely and convienent option for dinner which tends to be less nutrious. I know that my family depends on me to keep everyone on the right path, so not only am I allowing my health to suffer but theirs as well.

I was surfing Instagram earlier and saw a video by Peloton. They had a really nice cycling bike that had a video screen with actual cycling instructors who guide you through various excercises and it inspired me. I have decided that I need to get back to cycling in the morning on my manual excerise bike and watching Extra from 4:30am - 5:00am like I used to. I felt so much better when I did this in the past, yet somehow over the last few months I got off track and my body and mental capacity is suffering from it. By getting back to eating right and getting in 30 minutes of consistent cardio a day, I know that I will be taking better care of myself and be in better condition to care for my family as well.

Many times we as women we put everyone else before ourselves, yet we are often the person that everyone depends on to keep it all together. Just as a car cannot run efficiently without proper maintenence, neither can we. There are some things that we must make time to do to keep ourselves in the best condition as well.

1. We must take time to get regular check-ups with our physician.

2. Take mental health days doing something for ourselves like gettting a massage, manicure & pedicure, or just to relax our minds. Listening to a good audio does this for me!

3. Schedule time away from your immediate family and spend some time with your girlfriends. There is nothing like a nice meal, drinks, and/or other activities spent with the ladies who know you the best!

4. Eat healthy meals that consistent of good brain food! Pinterest is my go to place to find healthy meal ideas.

5. Make time to excercise regularly. This allows your clothes to look the best when you put them on and also boosts your self-confidence as well!

We all get off from time to time, but once we realize that we have we must quickly get back on track. This is defintely within our control and our family must understand that there times when we have to do things that make us better.

Be diligent!