Summer Fun Blended Family

Summer Fun Blended Family

It has been awhile since I posted on Mommy Memoirs, but it is funny how much I go through as a mom each day that it just becomes a part of the fabric of my life. As I reflect back over the last month of all that we have experienced as the summer has kicked off, it is crazy to think that it will be over before we know it. We have tried to do something fun with the boys each week some of which includes going to Urban Air Trampoline Park, Putt-Putt, CiCi's Pizza, The Core Recreation & Aquatic Park, the movies to see Jurassic World, and numerous other family functions with their cousins.

It is important for us to take full advantage of our summers with the boys, especially with us being a blended family and our middle son living in Mississippi with his mom during the school year. The summers are our only time to have a true impact on him and try to give him a different version of life than he knows growing up in rural Mississippi. He constatntly tells us how different things are in MS vs. TX and my husband can definitiely relate because his upbringing was similar. My husband grew up in MS for a majority of his life, but as his aunts began to migrate to TX he began spending his summers here as a teen. We know that him spending his time here with us each summer will help shape him into the well rounded young man that he will become having a blend of both a country and city upbringing. 

The challenge that we run into each year is that the MS school calendar and the TX school calendar differs by about 2 weeks, therefore we have to take Yinka back to MS and then continue the rest of the summer with our other two boys. We are currently planning a weekend trip to Houston/Galveston to visit my bestfriend and allow the boys to have a little beach fun, which I am really looking forward to. We are also planning to end our summer vacation with Yinka in MS with a family reunion. As a mom and step-mom, I try to put all of my focus during this precious time on the boys and their well-being while they are out of school. I know that this is the time where the most memorable events in their life occur. I did not grow up in the enviroment that our sons are being reaised in, but I always admired those who did.

When you are in a blended family that involves mutiple moms and multiple dads, it is so important that the adults always remember that it is not about our own personal feelings and/or agendas but solely about what is in the best interest of the children. Have a great summer!

Be dilgent!