Sitting at the Table

Sitting at the Table

I few weeks ago I finally had the opportunity to sit at the table for our tower project oversight meeting with the real decision makers and witness dialogue at a level that I have never been in the room to witness. If you recall in June I told you that my expressed desire to serve on a $300 million project had been granted. In the first introductory meeting, everyone introduced themselves and we heard an overview from the architects and consultants assisting with bringing everything together. They informed us of the staff level meetings that had taken place up until this point and a summary of the action items that we will need to work on prior to the new tower being built. Although I did not come to the meeting with the intent to speak, to my surprise a topic came up that I was able to provide some good insight about and was later thanked by members of our executive team.

In the 2nd meeting, there were surgeons that were invited to join us to provide their input and suggestions for the new tower based on what the current market is within their respective worlds amongst our competition. There was one neurosurgeon in particular that spoke so eloquently that he had my full attention and I was mentally intriqued as he explained his vision of what this tower could be to his patient population. This brother was so well-spoken that those who spoke after him were forced to enunciate their words in a way that showed that they were on his level. There was something about just being in that room that stimulated me. It is thrilling for me to be mentally stimulated by the exchange of words!

As I continue to blossom into the woman that God created me to be and truly begin to recognize the aspects of my life that bring me joy, it becomes clearer and clearer why God allowed certain things to unfold as they have. I currently have the opportunity to sit at a table in a room where there are not any women who look like me, provide valuable input, and the only other brown people in the room are an architect and a neurosurgeon! It inspires me in a way that I cannot explain and it makes me want to bring others into the room with me just so that they can feel the same feeling that I currently do. 

Be diligent!