Every Girl Needs Her Tribe

Every Girl Needs Her Tribe

This past Friday, I had the great opportunity to spend some much needed time with one of my best girlfriends in Dallas, TX. Her and I had to book this day over a month ago in order to accomodate both of our busy calendars, but it was well worth it. We kicked our afternoon off with lunch at Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar on the patio, the weather was great and it was the perfect setting for some refreshing glasses of Sangria...which were great by the way!

Each time that Jackie and and I get together we are able to pick up instantly with engaging conversation about our careers, our families, and our future goals. She is someone that I admire both personally and professionally. She is the founder of an amazing non-profit organization in Dallas, MPACT FOR MANKIND, that partners with individuals and organizations around the world to transform communities by improving health outcomes, enhancing knowledge, and promoting sustainable development. As a former Healthcare Administrator, she definitely understands the daily politics that come with the territory. To learn more about this amazing organization, click the Learn More button below.

As we talked about our various topics, we somehow made our way to discussing my ongoing admiration for entrepreneurial endeavors. I explained to her that although I have always been fascinated with the idea of owning my own company, after I ended my event planning company years ago I have not found my way back to attempting it again. I still love events, beautiful venues, and the business of planning major events, yet I see some of the greats in the game like Kathy Romero and I get nervous about my ability to get to that level. As we drove through Dallas looking at houses and talking, we passed by The Crescent Hotel. Years ago when I started my event planning company, I attended an open house event that they held for those in the event planning industry. I remember walking in the foyer of the hotel taking in the amazing ambiance, inhhaling a deep breath, and saying to myself ''this is where I am supposed to be''. 

Over the years I have continued to have the very important responsibility of providing for my family, therefore I had to always keep my main full-time job in healthcare as a priority. However, when I think about what could have happened had I not given up on myself and company I am reminded of the feeling that I felt that day walking into The Crescent Hotel. I have told myself for years that I am where I am supposed to be, however my career in healthcare has never given me THAT feeling. My girl tribe has a way of reminding me who I really am, no matter what I tend to make myself believe. As Jackie saw the look on my face, she encouraged me to consider re-entering the event planning industry and she even offered to join me. Just having her encouragement and support means the world to me and it definitely left me considering her offer to truly pursue my dreams. 

Having this girl time on Friday, was definitely something that I needed and truly enjoyed. Your girls will understand you in a way that your husband, family, and no one else will. Your girl tribe will encourage, support, cry, laugh, and celebrate with you.

That is why, behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back!