Positioned to Pivot

Positioned to Pivot

We are officially in the last month of the 1st quarter and I am super excited about a few pivots that I am working on in 2019. When I began to look up the word pivot on Pinterest and Google to provide you with an illustration, images like the ones below showed up. Initially, I backed out and decided that I needed to change the word to hardwire my point because a fancy door may not do the trick. However, instead I thought that I would google what a Pivot door is. By definition it read “Unlike standard doors, pivot doors are not restrained by hinges down one side that stabilizes any tendency for the timber to move,” Woodworkers Co. writes. “Pivot doors swing on a point, top and bottom, that provides no restraint to warp movement in the door”. Most doors can only go in one direction or the other based on which side it is installed on, however a pivot door has less restrictions and can go in either direction without resistence.


At the end of last year I began to re-evaluate the direction that I wanted to see my corporate career go in as I witnessed a shift taking place in the healthcare industry. Rather you are on the corporate side or an inpendent entrepreneurer, you must always keep your eyes open to the changes happening in your market. This allows you avoid becoming a victim such as Blockbuster, Toys R’ Us, or any of the other players in the game that found themselves overcome by the shifts happening in their markets.

With healthcare being heavily regulated by the government, many healthcare organizations are finding themselves challenged with doing more with less resources and financial reimbursements. This forces those in those left in the industry to have to operate from more of a Lean perspective in order to do things more efficiently, with better quality, and less cost to the consumer. As a woman on the corporate side, I am consistently positioning myself for changes such as these by doing the following:

  1. I keep my resume updated with my latest career accomplishments (update every 3-6 months).

  2. I keep my knowledge up to date with the changes that are happening in the market by reading Harvard Business Review, Advisory Board, D Healthcare, etc. (online subscriptions are free!)

  3. I keep my skills relevent to the market’s needs. (take advantage of free classes being offered by your employer or in your community)

  4. I keep my digital footprint relevant through LinkedIn and other Social Media platforms.

  5. I keep my appearance up to date by purchasing staples that are less likely to go out of style and buying dramatic/edgy accents that express my personality and sets me apart from others.

  6. I regularly connect with other phenomenal go-getters through coffee/lunch/brunch/dinner/happy hour so that we can keep each other lifted and encouraged!

I have had the ability to utilize my education and experience to pivot my career as needed over the years from Health Information Management, to Human Resources, to Supply Chain, and now in Hospital Operations. This would have not been possible without doing to work to stay abreast of things going on around me, making the right connections, and lots of hard work that resulting into various wins. If you are no longer feeling what you re currently doing, who says that you have to keep doing the same thing. I encourgae you to evaluate what your transferable skills are and utilize them to position yourself for a pivot!

Be Diligent!